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Changes are Coming

A new version of Pocket War is finally in the works. It is still a long way from being done, but I think everyone will enjoy the changes. More coming soon...

Pocket War Mods

We are back up to ten unit mods that work with the new version of the game. If you have new units you would like to have posted in the download section go to the forums and let us know.

High Scores
  Pocket War
   1. SPIK1134 - 163686 pts.
   2. SPIK1134 - 162356 pts.
   3. SPIK1134 - 142052 pts.
   4. SPIK1134 - 101472 pts.
   5. Ken Pierce - 63051 pts.
   6. es - 34993 pts.
   7. SPIK1134 - 31311 pts.
   8. SPIK1134 - 28090 pts.
   9. es - 26822 pts.
   10. es - 25482 pts.
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