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Subject - Request: Support left-right cursors when selecting what to build
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Posted By: Anonymous (2003-04-18 12:06:23)

I'm using an iPAQ 3600. Would like to be able to use cursor as much as possible. Clicking gets loud in meetings. ;-)

--dylan (
Posted By: Tully (2003-04-18 12:12:54)

By cursor do you mean the directional pad? If so there is an option that will switch it on. By default it will pan the screen but there is a second option which is a cursor that you can switch on. Then if you hit the buttom to the right of the d-pad (on most pdas) it will act like a tap on the square where the cursor is.
Posted By: Anonymous (2003-04-18 14:12:00)

I mean directional pad. Cursor turns on the [ ] bracket which I don't use because i prefer to use the directional pad to scroll the map (man I wish pocketpc's had mousewheels!).

1) Click on a city.
2) "Next: [ A B C D ]" shows what you are going to build next.
3) I want to quickly go through them to compair build time, range, etc....
4) Left and right on my PDA don't scroll through the list, i have to click on the arrow buttons on the screen.

The request is for the left/right to default to scroll through this list so i can quickly look at the available items to build.
--dylan (
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