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Subject - questions and minor usability requests
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Posted By: Anonymous (2003-04-23 15:43:54)

- in a city, try to group the differente unit types so you can quickly find man/ground/air/naval units. Perhaps you can put extra arrows (<< and >> ) to flip groups
- put an indication of transport capacity of each unit
- when listing all the units (from the 'checklist' button) you can't see units being transported
- detect a click on the group number of a unit, so you can change the group (the same way you change the destination waypoint)

- I'm thinking about new unit types. Can anyone help me with this questions?
* a unit can be 'invisible'? I'm thinking on a 'spy' unit
* can a unit change the terren type? this enables building of routes, bridges, walls, etc
* can units be combined? i.e, a transport unit add atack power from the transported units?

- what does the button with a red/green square?

Posted By: Anonymous (2003-04-23 17:31:15)

I will see if I can work those changes into one of the next releases.

Units can have a stealth property which makes it where all units except the ones with the radar ability can't see them.

It is theoretically possible to make a unit that can change the land types, build cities, etc. but no mods have been built to date that do so.

You can build a unit that gains or loses abiities based on units stored within them. I have seen some prototype scripts that other people were working on that did just that.
Posted By: Tully (2003-04-23 18:44:28)

Oh, the red and green square. That is a way to drag waypoints without dragging. On a pda you dont want to drag a lot because it can scratch up the screen. If you click on a unit it will turn green that means it is ready to create a waypoint. Click on it and it will turn red. Now click on the map somewhere and it will create a waypoint at that location and assign the unit to go to that waypoint.
Posted By: Anonymous (2003-04-24 05:47:07)

thanks for the answers. I will try some mods and send to you.

Do you have any method for 'reload' the scripts without exiting/entering the game?


Posted By: Tully (2003-04-24 05:56:27)

No. I have been wanting to add that for myself but have not had the chance to yet.
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