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Subject - Multiplayer
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Posted By: Tully (2003-02-24 09:23:07)

Questions I have about multi-player
Posted By: Tully (2003-02-24 09:24:11)

Does anyone use play by email or multiple players on the same machine? If the network play worked could I remove the other two forms of multi-player?
Posted By: Anonymous (2003-02-24 10:12:34)

I haven't used the play by-email, but I do use the multiplayer on the same machine alot. My fiance and my son play alot. Any chance of adding something so that we could play via two ppcs without having to login to Activsync. We have mulitple ppcs in the house and it would be nice to play via IR or something similar.

Posted By: Tully (2003-02-24 10:31:06)

It would not be to hard to add in a play via IR.

In 0.96 there is (will be) a setting in the pocketwar.set file that will allow you to specify the save game file path. This will allow you to save games to a compact flash card (or some other external media.) Then you could just pop out the CF card and pop it into the next PDA.

That should make life much easier.

On a side note have I set up your account yet Eric? If not email me directly and I will see about getting it set up. I thouht I already had.
Posted By: Anonymous (2003-02-24 13:55:35)

Nope, no account yet, I just send you an email. :)

Posted By: Anonymous (2003-02-24 18:24:08)

I don't have one yet either. Maybe Tully's picking on the Erik/Eric's.
I'll e-mail you too, Tully.

Posted By: Tully (2003-02-24 18:53:52)

I am actually doing the accounts oldest to newest. I thought I had already done Eric's (with a C) account and I had. The email bounced for some reason. Anyway I just set up your account Erik (with a K) and you should get an email with your password in it. (Unless it bounces as well.) I actually have a customer Erick (with a CK) as well. Didn't realize how many Ericks there are in the world that like war games. :)
Posted By: es (2003-02-24 21:57:40)

You've got a hat trick of EricErikEricks.

Thanks for getting me set up so quickly.

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