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Subject - Starting a Multiplayer game...
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Posted By: ZoneMaster43 (2003-05-04 07:19:07)

Ok I have created a multiplayer group in my account. How do I start the game? Everytime I click on multiplayer it says no multiplayer group defined and I must go to my account to create one. Just for your info I have v1.0 beta 1 of PW.

Oh BTW thanks for the help with the Missile Truck mod! :)

Posted By: Tully (2003-05-04 08:11:43)

You need at least two people in your group to start the game.
Posted By: ZoneMaster43 (2003-05-04 09:55:51)

Oh ok....duh that makes sense.

Posted By: Borg (2003-05-04 14:35:28)

You need to let people know he game name and password so that others can join.
Posted By: Guy (2003-05-05 07:34:53)

Hey, Zonemaster43,
if you like you can join game: masters, password: masters
In fact, anybody can...
Posted By: ZoneMaster43 (2003-05-05 13:11:43)

My mp group name is: Black Ice Klan, password: bik2003. All are welcome to join, when I can get a chance to play that is.
Posted By: Guy (2003-05-05 22:15:42)

Just joined your group. You can launch any time. How come you have 2 players in your group with the same name?
Posted By: ZoneMaster43 (2003-05-06 03:20:46)

Well one of the accounts was suppose to be for my son(s) and somehow when I registered the game again (but using his email address for the account) it still put it under my name. I can login using his email and password but then it would put both accounts in his name.

I would like them separate but don't know how to do that. Oops.
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