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Subject - I updated from .978 to .98, now no mods?
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Posted By: J (2003-05-06 21:30:16)

I made a unit that now is not recognized in the new version (ie the city won't build it now). What do I do?
Posted By: Tully (2003-05-07 05:43:49)

The only mod that should have problems is the missle truck. There is one file that you can erase and it will make the missle truck work. Go into your /mods/msltruck directory and delete the file mod-msltruck-ai.js. That should get you going again. If not post or email me a copy of the save game file and the list of mods you are using and I will run down the one causing the problem.
Posted By: J (2003-05-07 07:27:23)

this is a mod that I made with unitmaker and used to work with .978
Posted By: Tully (2003-05-07 07:56:24)

post it here or email it to me and I will see what is going on. Just zip up the files in the mod.
Posted By: J (2003-05-07 09:28:51)

Here is my war engineer that is not recognized anymore
Posted By: Tully (2003-05-07 11:51:01)

line 75 of mod-warengine-unit.js

Change the AdjustBuildTime call to adjustBuildTime and that will fix it for you.
Posted By: J (2003-05-07 18:45:19)


That is not the problem. I already changed that. If I kept it like that I would get errors at start up. I have it at "adjustBuildTime", and the program has no errors, it just won't show up in the city so I can't build it anymore.
Posted By: Demo (2003-05-07 18:53:26)

That is strange. I loaded up the mod you sent me and after making that changes I was able to build them in cities. Start the game up and go into settings->general->more and turn tracing on. Then shut down pocket war and start it up again. Create a map. Then exit out and send me the mtrace.txt file in the c:\ directory (or the \ on your pda if that is what you are using.)
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