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Subject - questions i hope can be answered
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Posted By: Anonymous (2003-05-07 11:26:06)

ok, I have downloaded the demo of pocket war and am enjoying the game a lot. However, before I buy I need a few multiplayer questions answred

firstly, My friend also wants to buy pocket war. If I buy it and he buys it, in the multiplayer section, is there the ability to play via infrared

secondly, I was wondering wether I could play against the a person seated at my computer from my pocket pc in the docking cradle. Also could I do this with 1 registration

thirdly, when I buy pocket war I will get a registration code, correct?, If my pocket pc crashes can I re install pocket war again using the same registration code

and finally, I have seen that pocket war is constantly being updated, if I buy it now, will i be entitled to download the upgrades or will I have to pay again?

ok, I hope you can answer all of my questions


Posted By: Tully (2003-05-07 11:36:13)

We do not currently have infrared support. (No one has asked for it yet.

You can play against a person seated at the computer if you use passthrough network connection on the pda. It does require an interent connection. It requires two accounts though. That is how it keeps the players seperate.

You should keep the same code in theory in practice that is not always true though. However, when you buy pocket war you get an account. Using the account your can generate up to four codes. (this does not allow for two people to player multiplayer though because the codes are all associated with one account.) So if you lose a code and need another you can just generate another one. If you get near to filling up your code bank and some of them are unused just drop me an email and I will wipe out the unused ones for you.

You get all of the upgrades up to 1.0 for free. They recognize the old codes so you dont have to regenerate new ones (in theory from time to time this doesn't seem to be true.) If there are patches to 1.0 for bug fix reasons then you will get those as well.

I think that answered all of them if you need more info just let me know.
Posted By: Anonymous (2003-05-07 12:47:11)

I think you will find that IR has been requested, My memory fails me on who requested it but anyway it was requested and I assumed after reading the post that it was implemented into the game

here is the link

anyway, I hope very much that you add infrared support, as it seemed in the post that it was an easy task to do so

also, I am quite aprehensive about buying pocketwar now because it seems that I might buy pocketwar tomorrow and then a week latter pocketwar 1.1 may come out and as it is passed the final i would not be entitled. Can i be reasured that you don't plan on realeasing a pocketwar 2 fairly soon?

thanks very much
Posted By: Tully (2003-05-07 13:06:17)

There is another game in the planning stages that will be worked on after 1.0. So the only thing that will be added to pocket war after the 1.0 will be user based mods. We might do add-on packs later but they are not currently on the list.

I will see about adding IR support for the 1.0 release.
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