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Subject - Don't like units dissapearing after no fuel
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Posted By: J (2003-05-08 16:54:06)

I just noticed that when units run out of fuel they dissapear instead of just stop. They should just stop.
Posted By: Guy (2003-05-08 21:59:08)

I thought that units that get out of fuel would automatically go for refuel when reaching the refuel limit setting.
Posted By: Anonymous (2003-05-09 16:42:06)

The should. If this is not working for some reason let me know. They should make sure that they have enough fuel to get back to a fueling location plus the "refuel buffer" settings worth of extra fuel. That extra fuel is useful to keep it from crashing if it is heading for a carrier or something like that.

I did some optimization work on this for 0.98 if it is having a problem post a save game here and I will check it out.

Of course if you switch of autorefeul then they will keep going until they crash. Useful for that kamakazi attack when trying to kill a more expensive unit that is escaping.

The units dissapear because they crash. If you look in your message list you should see messages when that is happening.
Posted By: Anonymous (2003-05-09 16:43:01)

The above post is me (Tully) I am out of interent connectivity range this weekend so I am moving from public computer to public computer.
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