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Subject - Script Error
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Posted By: Anonymous (2003-05-10 13:36:47)

During purples turn I get an error box
SCRIPT: Param 1 in call to getStat is the wrong type

locks the game
here is the save game just before the error
and the mtrace imeditally after the error ocours
Posted By: Anonymous (2003-05-10 13:37:24)

Here are the files

Ken Pierce
Posted By: Anonymous (2003-05-10 14:03:49)

Thanks Ken I'll take a look at that when I get back into town.
Posted By: Tully (2003-05-12 19:59:05)

Hey Ken I have a fix for this it will be in the 0.982 patch. It was actually two bugs, setTempWaypoint was reporting that it was getStat in error messages and the aitransport script was not checking for a null waypoint before calling that method.

I have also added something else to aid us script writers, all error messages now have a script file name and a line number. (Why didn't I do that long ago, he says while kicking himself over and over.)

I'll let you know when 0.982 is ready to go.
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