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Subject - Waypoints error
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Posted By: es (2003-05-12 20:05:12)


There is something strange going on with waypoints. I don't know exactly the scenario that causes the problem, but here's a boiled down version of the problem:

1. Create waypoint 1 with a tank going to it.
2. The tank gets hit and goes to a city for repairs.
3. Delete waypoint 1, don't need it anymore.
4. Tank's still in the city.
5. Create a new waypoint (system reuses 1) for a battleship.
6. The tank still thinks its supposed to go to waypoint 1 when it comes out.

It's stranger than this though, but I can't put my finger on why or how. I've had situations where I "reused" a waypoint that pointed units to another waypoint. When I removed the tank (as in the scenario above) from that waypoint, it removed the waypoint (even though the battleship still thought it was going to it), and the subsequent waypoint.

Confusing, I know. Maybe .981 fixes this so I don't have to try to explain it any better.

Thanks Tully.

Posted By: Tully (2003-05-12 20:14:07)

This is a real problem. I am amazied it hasn't been reported before. The force wipe out a waypoint code doesn't walk through the units in cities and units stored in other units. So when you kill waypoint 1 the tank doesn't know that and when it comes back out and goes back to doing what it was doing before it headed for repairs it gets confused.

I will add it as a bug and try and get it fixed for the 0.982 patch.
Posted By: Tully (2003-05-12 20:14:49)

BTW, the simple work around is don't wipe out waypoint 1 and after the tank gets repaired it will go back to heading for waypoint 1.
Posted By: es (2003-05-13 18:50:56)


I've tried to duplicate this problem on a small scale, but can't do it, so I'm not positive I have the exact scenario right, but I do know that something is fouled up. Next time I have a game that is doing this, I'll try to get it to you with a concrete explanation.

Regarding the simple workaround, keeping waypoint 1 is a possibility, but it was no longer necessary in the scenario given.

Posted By: Dan H... (2003-05-14 22:27:58)

I too have seen similar things happen with waypoints, but haven't quite been able to nail down the circumstances. Usually I have so many units involved that the confusion factor makes me second guess what I thought was happening... Maybe it just old age...

Dan H...

Posted By: Anonymous (2003-05-17 20:51:34)


Here's a file for you.

First, look at existing waypoints...there is NO #6.
Then go to coordinates 72x72 and drag one of the tanks to a new waypoint...should create #6.
Now, look at who's coming to #6...the tank AND a fighter.

I don't know how we got to this point, but here's an example of what I was trying to describe above.

Posted By: Anonymous (2003-05-17 20:56:34)

Further stuff to look at...

The fighter is at 107x97. If you point and drag the fighter to another waypoint (I used 17, due north of the fighter), waypoint #6 GOES AWAY!

So then, if you create a new waypoint, it will be #6. Guess what, the tank now wants to go there!

Perfect example here for you...hope you can run this one down.

Posted By: Tully (2003-05-18 05:13:55)

What has happened is the fighter is already set to go to 6 (at one point you must have had one) so when you create 6 the fighter heads for it. Since the fighter didn't reset itself to go to 6 waypoint 6 thinks only one unit is heading for it. So when you change the fighter it kills waypoint 6.

The real question is how did the origional waypoint 6 go away yet leave the fighter set to go to it.

I think what happened is the fighter way back in a city get fuel or repaired and it go reset when 6 went away, but then the repair (or refuel) code when it is finished says set the fighter back to what it was doing before it came into the city and that set it back to waypoint 6.

Hopefully, that is what happened and if so the fix will be in the next release.
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