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Subject - Scripting reference
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Posted By: Lugosi (2003-05-17 13:23:49)

OK.....I couldn't take it anymore, and I went and bought a copy of Pocket War. This is a really great game!! I can't wait to see version 1.0! One question, is there a reference for the scripting language that you use? I like how the existing scripts are so well documented....good job! You deserve every bit of the 20 bux that I paid for this game! Will you have a map and unit editor that runs on the Pocket PC?
Posted By: Tully (2003-05-17 14:16:15)

In the help file (it should have been added to the start menu on your pc when you installed it) there is a script refrence with the commands that have been added to javascript.

There is one really annoying thing with writing scripts right now sometimes when you get script errors it does not give you a file name or line numbers. This is already fixed in my version and will be in the next version I ship.

In the Pocket War downloads section towards the bottom is a file called "Unit Maker" it will help you generate out initial unit scripts. It is a one way program. Once you generate the scripts you can't load them back in, but it is useful for quickly generating script skeletons. The unit maker only runs on windows not on the pocket pc.

All of the scripts that drive pocketwar are in the script.pak file in the pocketwar/scripts directory. It is built such that it cant be altered (to prevent cheating in multiplayer mode), but it is still readable so you can see what is going on in the Pocket War guts.

A map editor is being worked on now and will ship with the 1.0 version. I currently only have plans to make the map editor run on windows and not on Pocket PCs.
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