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Subject - Multiplayer games
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Posted By: Guy (2003-05-20 04:38:40)

OK, I have this situation:

Multiplayer game 1: ALLOUTWAR:
Players: Guy,Domofizz, Borg
Problem: version number doesn't match

Multiplayer game 2: TANK:
Players: Guy,Es, Borg
Problem: version number doesn't match

Multiplayer game 3: BLACK ICE KLAN:
Players: Guy, Zonemaster43, Borg, PFC_Wraith
Problem: game not yet started (Zonemaster43 has to do that)

Multiplayer game 4: MASTERS:
Players: Guy, Zonemaster43, Borg
Problem: waiting for red player (Zonemaster43)

Could everybody please verify if they installed the last version: V0.981, please.

Thanks and... good fight to you all!


Posted By: Borg (2003-05-20 05:09:28)


I have installed version 981.
I was hopping that the multiplayer games were not dead.
Maybe Tully can help us out with the version numbers not matching by making them all .981

Posted By: Guy (2003-05-20 05:23:38)

Gene, I created a new game: lasthope, passw: lasthope

Anybody else join?

Please be shure to have version 981

Posted By: Tully (2003-05-20 06:28:05)

try making lasthope a small map
Posted By: es (2003-05-20 06:41:25)

Game #2 says "waiting for Red" and has said that for a week now.

Posted By: Guy (2003-05-20 06:46:23)

Sorry for the map lasthope. It was created medium before I got your message, Tully. (Couldn't wait to get started). Can we continue playing this, Tully?
Meanwhile Maybe Gene can start up a small map which also es can join.

Posted By: Guy (2003-05-20 07:17:36)


Sorry to ask but are you shure that you are playing version 0.981?
Posted By: Tully (2003-05-20 18:42:41)

One of the changes I made for 0.98 was to make it load multiplayer games as long as everyone was using the same version or higher. If someone opened those files with the early 1.0 beta that could be what has caused the problem.
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