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Subject - Problems with 0.98
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Posted By: EmpireFan (2003-05-20 15:28:22)

Just installed 0.98 last night and I'm having 2 problems, so far.
The PPC hangs when trying to save (or autosave) a game.
The PC doesn't load mods (Chinook and Humvee). I've followed the steps for installing those mods, but those units don't show up as being buildable by a city. Anybody else having these problems?
Posted By: Tully (2003-05-20 18:40:41)

The first problem could be caused by the mods. I will try install and check out all the mods. I want to update them all so the new AIs will use them anyway.
Posted By: Tully (2003-05-20 21:15:29)

I checked out the mods and they are working fine for me (I am running a 1.0 that is newer than 0.98 though.)

When you installed 0.98 did you completly wipe out the previous version first? If not try that. Uninstall all versions of Pocket War and erase any files / subdirectories left behind (like the metalshard directory) then reinstall 0.98.

If that doesn't fix it go into your settings->general->more and turn on the setting "trace mode" Then exit out of Pocket War. Run it again and when you have the problem exit out again. In your c:\ directory or the \ directory on a Pocket PC there will be a file mtrace.txt. Send me that file.
Posted By: EmpireFan (2003-05-22 15:21:59)

I am going to give 0.981 a try. I'm also going to try running without the mods. Does PocketWar store or change anything in the System Registry? Will using "Add and Remove Programs", followed by deleting the program install directory and saved games clean up everything?
Posted By: Tully (2003-05-22 18:11:00)

Yes, that will get it all.
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