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Subject - Does anyone play via Email
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Posted By: Tully (2003-05-28 19:16:54)

Does anyone play via email. Would anyone care if I removed that feature of the game. I am trying to simplify the menus some and play by email is getting in the way. If noone uses it I am going to remove it.

You will still be able to play via network or head to head.
Posted By: es (2003-05-29 06:53:12)

Kill it...

Posted By: EvilOne (2003-05-30 12:21:00)

Play by what?!? as said above... Kill it..
Posted By: Hugh Nano (2003-05-31 01:31:13)

I would care if it was removed. But then, I'm the one who pushed for the feature in the first place.

Actually, have you removed it already? I just installed 0.981 and can't seem to find the feature.
Posted By: Tully (2003-05-31 04:56:42)

It is still there in 0.981. When you create a new game you just set some of the players to E-mail players. The reason I don't think it is as important is because the multi-player game can be played disconnected. I am working on adding email notification to the multi-player game so it will email you when it is your turn. In essence multi-player will end up running like an email based game so I didn't see a real reason to keep email play in the way it is.
Posted By: Hugh Nano (2003-05-31 07:01:17)

I see. I haven't tried multiplayer yet. Looking forward to doing so.
Posted By: ZoneMaster43 (2003-05-31 08:39:16)

As long as you can still play via LAN or the Internet, sure go ahead and remove the PBEM feature. Playing by email makes for some long, dull games and I don't have to many friends in my age bracket that are that patient....doh!
Posted By: Guy (2003-06-01 00:11:40)

I never use play by email.

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