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Subject - Unit Maker and oleacc.dll
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Posted By: McGravin (2003-05-28 22:26:41)

When I try to run the unit maker, I get an error about finding OLEACC.DLL. I downloaded this *.dll and put it in my windows/system/ directory, but now I get an error that says "The OLEACC.DLL file cannot start. Check the file name to determine the problem." What the heck does that mean?
Posted By: Tully (2003-05-29 19:47:45)

Where did you get the ole dll that you used?
Posted By: Dan H... (2003-05-29 19:54:55)

That's an "active accessibility" library... I suspect you downloaded a version not fully compatible with your installation... The easiest solution is likely to download and install the latest version from Microsoft. Get on their website and search for "msaa" or "active accessibility". ...Good luck!
Posted By: Tully (2003-05-30 05:00:10)

The unit maker requires MFC. I am betting MFC requires the accessibility stuff. Let me see if I can run down a link for the redistributable MFC install. If you install that it might fix all your problems. When I find the link I will post it here.
Posted By: Tully (2003-05-30 05:47:54)

I was looking at the mfc distributions and they only have MFC*.DLL files. OLEACC.DLL is not included in the list so that won't help.
Posted By: McGravin (2003-05-30 12:53:01)

Well, after a short while of fooling around on the Microsoft website, I finally found a download that got it to work. Anyone else who has this problem in the future should download and install the "Platform SDK: Microsoft Active Accessibility 2.0 Redistributable". It's only ~750Kb and it solved my problem.

You should find it at the following link, if it works:
Posted By: Anonymous (2004-06-07 05:56:07)

McGravin...thankyou. I've been pulling my hair out for ages trying to fix this problem on my bird's I can play counter strike when i'm here, hurrha!
Posted By: Anonymous (2004-09-25 20:14:53)

... i have Windows 98, where do i put the oleacc.dll file that i downloaded?
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