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Subject - Beta?
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Posted By: Hugh Nano (2003-05-31 01:42:05)

Beta versions are no longer available in the Downloads section? Are you back to private betas again?
Posted By: Tully (2003-05-31 04:59:17)

Nope, still public betas there just isn't a beta to be had right now. I am making pretty big changes for 1.0 and nothing is running quite right yet.

The 1.0 beta should be out by next Friday though, assuming I get some time to work on it this weekend.

BTW, good to hear from you again.
Posted By: Hugh Nano (2003-05-31 06:59:45)

Good to be back!
Posted By: Ahmo (2003-06-01 21:27:41)

I'm very pleased with the current build, what kind of things are you tinkering with for 1.0?
Posted By: Tully Test 2 (2003-06-01 21:53:09)

Here is what is already finished. Some of these things are in 0.981 already (0.981 was at one time called 1.0 alpha.) This list is raw it is from my notes.

pocketwar - be able to attach scripts to waypoints
pocketwar - add trigger to waypoint when a unit reaches it (unitArrived)
pocketwar - show units being transported in unit list (one level deep)
pocketwar - bug kick out all units doesn't work unless you select a unit first (fixed)
multi-player - make multi-turn code better (gives you more turns)
pocketwar - fixed bug in the transport ai when setting a waypoint
pocketwar - converted over all script error to use script error reporting so you get file and line numbers on errors
pocketwar - when you delete a waypoint it does not reset units in units or units in cites (also check repair code) (fixed a crash problem)
pocketwar - installer now erases some of the files from the previous version so you don't have to uninstall the old version first any more.
pocketwar - move the stats into list screen in the game
pocketwar - make end game screens better
pocketwar - remove setting from the pocket pc version that do not apply to it
pocketwar - write version number on title screen
pocketwar - let you see everyone's stats when the game is over
pocketwar - bug you can surrender after the game is over (fixed)
pocketwar - if you load a game that is over it will show the stats screen when it first comes up
pocketwar - add gamebug and unitmaker to standard install
pocketwar - bring instructions up to date (unitarrived, numberhumanPlayers, changes to setActiveView, surrender, change to addstatictext)
pocketwar - add to QandA section of instructions info on the settings file
pocketwar - add section to the docs on gamebug and the unitmaker
pocketwar - cursor missing in full screen problem still there (now fixed)
pocketwar - make help files look better
pocketwar - change the cursor when it is over scroll areas, pc only
pocketwar - fixed crash problem when you take over a city that has an enemy unit in it that you are tracking
pocketwar - blanked out map view while waiting for next player in head to head mode
pocketwar - new game menu should take you to menu that says single play, campaign, multi-player
pocketwar - upload highscrore should be moved to end game screen
pocketwar - be able to set the team a player is on
pocketwar - friends don't attack friends or take their cities
pocketwar - add script commands getTeam and AreFriends
pocketwar - show the your win screen when there is one team left as opposed to one player left
pocketwar - add enemy and friend near callbacks to waypoints
pocketwar - make sure there are at least two teams before a game starts
pocketwar - be able to have ai players in multi-player games
pocketwar - align all the buttons on the settings pages so they look better

Now I am working on single player campaigns, a map editor, fixing more install problems, email notification for multi-player games, and more speed improvements.
Posted By: es (2003-06-02 06:37:35)

I'd really like to see better messages (assuming you can squeeze that in for 1.0). I feel like the messages are somewhat inconsistent; for example:

Tank #114 did 1 dmg to Purple
Tank #224 killed PurpleFighter
Tank #228 missed Purple unit

These are real messages on a turn I just took. Tank #114 did 1 dmg to what kind of unit? Tank #228 missed what kind of purple unit?

Also, it would be great if the messages were in sortable columns (of course I don't know how to make them line up nicely here):

My Unit | Enemy Unit | Action | Message
Tank #114 | Purple Tank#??? | attack | Did 1 damage
Tank #224 | Purple Fighter#??? | attack | Killed
Tank #228 | Purple Tank #??? | attack | Missed
Trans#??? | | arrived | waypoint #2

Each column would be sortable so that you could see all the attacks together or all the kills together or all the action on any particular unit.

Easy? Hard? Like? Disklike?

Posted By: Tully Test 2 (2003-06-02 06:42:47)

The real problem is space. When you put the word purple and transport together into a message there isn't much room left for anything else. I'll see what else I can squeeze into the space.

Sorting would be nice but is pretty hard because of the way the messages are stored. If I get done with the campaign code soon I will look at that.
Posted By: es (2003-06-02 07:05:10)

I guess instead of writing purple, you could shade the text purple...probably even harder to code though!

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