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Subject - Pocket War 1.0 beta now available for download
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Posted By: Tully (2003-06-03 14:19:11)

I didn't get to finish the campaign code but quite a few of the other changes made it in. The is just a beta, but it looks to be pretty stable. If you try it and have any problems. Let me know.
Posted By: Ahmo (2003-06-03 18:48:20)

What exactly do you have planned for the campaign? I think a static campaign or user campains would be a great addition to the current random maps.
Posted By: Ahmo (2003-06-03 19:01:43)

Hey Tully, I can't run the beta in 32 bit color mode. My system specs are a Toshiba Satellite 5505 S703 2 gig p4 mobile chip 512 ddr ram Geforce 4 Go 460 graphics card, Yamaha soundcard. Win XP Pro - Service pack 1 loaded. Directx 9.0a.

The only installed apps that I could think might be causing the problem were Sysmetrix, DesktopX, and Cursor XP, other than those the only things that I have on my system are OfficeXP. I unloaded those and the problem persisted. I've run it full screen at 16 bit and it went without a hitch. Switched back to 32 and no go. Any ideas?
Posted By: Tully (2003-06-03 20:33:18)

Was you able to run 0.981 in 32bit color mode? I didn't change graphics libs between builds. What exactly is it doing when you start it up in 32bit color mode?

I want to do the campains right. I have a story written up that you can play through, with cut scenes, etc. but I would have had to severly limit it to cram it in to the 1.0 release. Instead there will be a 1.1 or a 1.2 but it will be a while until I have that done.
Posted By: Tully (2003-06-03 20:42:29)

I had a thought on this. Open up your Pocketwar.set file in the metalshard directory and change setting number 44 from 0 to 60. That is the refresh rate it will try to use. You are changing it from default to 60hz. See if that makes a difference.
Posted By: Ahmo (2003-06-03 22:34:28)

Tried the .set edit, no go there... I have played it before in 32 bit desktop before, that's all I run my windows at. I have installed desktopx though, I think that may be the cause. To clarify whats happening - the game is loading, I see the a flash of the title screen, then it minimizes to the window to a title in my windows bar (start button bar where all open windows show). When I click on it, it tries to open it, then immediately closes again. I had this error before with Dungeon Siege, needed to reinstall directx... Gonna try that and a fresh install of pocketwar.

I'll let ya know how it works out...
Posted By: Ahmo (2003-06-03 22:47:34)

Yep, that did it... DirectX reinstall and everything works now. Thanx for jumping on this so quick.

I'm ecstatic to hear about the campains, I think that will be an incredible addition.
Posted By: Tully (2003-06-04 04:26:02)

Hmmm, I wonder what the real cause was? Do you think it was DesktopX?
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