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Subject - 2 questions
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Posted By: J (2003-06-03 19:26:30)

1) What exactly are the differences when I move from Easy, Medium, Hard.

2) Is there a natural bonus for units to hit units of their same kind besides the -30 to 30 adjustments. ie. all land units have a natural bonus against land units THEN they get the -30 to 30 adjustment also?
Posted By: Tully (2003-06-03 20:35:56)

1. Those settings only effect the AIs. What is changes is how well the AI units work together.

2. There are some natural bonuses but they are not based on being the same type. They are based on land types. Ground units on forest squares get a defensive bonus from planes, on desert squares they get a defensive penalty. Hover units move faster over desert squares, etc. I think I wrote all of that up in the Q and A section of the docs one time. (If not I will get that added to the 1.0 docs.)
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