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Subject - 2 more questions
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Posted By: J (2003-06-03 19:42:42)

oops, I mean 3

1) I can never see the engineer's or other units stats when they are building something. Could you fix this?

2) How do you figure what gets added to a veteran and when?

3) Finally, I get frustrated always haing to change pocket war new game settings each time I start the game. It always goes back to default, i.e. Easy Difficulty, Medium Map, Player 1 -Blue, Human etc. I take time to change everything, then the next time I have to change it again. Can you have these settings saved. Thanks
Posted By: Tully (2003-06-03 20:39:52)

1. I see so once one of the units inside the engineer is selected then you cant see the engineers stats for the selected units stats. I will see if I can add a way to deselect the stored units.

2. Veteran status is gained based on usage. If the unit moves a lot it will start to move faster, if it is attacked a lot and lives it will get better at defending, if it kills a bunch of units its attack will get better. When you look at the unit there are little * next to the stats that have been upgraded.

3. I'll see if I can persist the new game settings. That has been asked for before and slipped off my list somehow.
Posted By: J (2003-06-03 20:54:52)

2 more questions:

I find that when I look at the site's list of units to make, I many times make the special units. However, I have to push the arrow button forever to get to the end. especally when you add mods. will you please put a fast forward >> and quick rewind << buttons next to the single arrows that will either jump to the front/end, or jump to the next set of units like a page up and page down scrolling. better yet, why don't you get rid of moving the units one by one, and just make it move a whole set of units. This would make the game much more quick and enjoyable. thanks.

2) what does the "use button" allow you to do? I select this then push the hardware button and either nothing happens or the program associated with that button will execute.
Posted By: Tully (2003-06-04 13:24:30)

3 has now been added and will be in the next 1.0 beta
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