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Subject - Suggestions and questions
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Posted By: J (2003-06-03 22:59:15)

I find that when I look at the city's list of units to make, I many times make the special units. However, I have to push the arrow button forever to get to the end. especally when you add mods. will you please put a fast forward >> and quick rewind << buttons next to the single arrows that will either jump to the front/end, or jump to the next set of units like a page up and page down scrolling. better yet, why don't you get rid of moving the units one by one, and just make it move a whole set of units. This would make the game much more quick and enjoyable. thanks.

2) what does the "use button" allow you to do? I select this then push the hardware button and either nothing happens or the program associated with that button will execute.

Posted By: Guy (2003-06-04 00:50:57)

I also requested 1) in the past, especially for the waypoints. I' m shure this is somewhere on Tully to-do list.
Posted By: Tully (2003-06-04 05:01:15)

What if I just make the left button not disable and if you hit that it will go left to the end of the list. Basically have the unit list scroll all the way around.

Use buttons will switch on the hardware buttons on the Pocket PC version. You have to restart pocket war after changing those settings (if I remember right.) If it doesn't seem to be working let me know.
Posted By: J (2003-06-04 09:15:46)


But I still don't know what the buttons are supposed to do. I soft reset and still the buttons do nothing.

Again, my problem with the scrolling of units in cities is that it only scrolls one space at a time. It would be much more effective if it scrolled five at a time, don't you think? Then you could quickly find the unit you want. This way, you could see all of the units in only 3 taps as opposed to 10-15 taps. I really feel this would be the best solution. If you just allowed it to wrap around, you still have to tap 5-6 times to reach the center units AND right now I know where units are by knowing the start and end of the list. If it wrapped around I may get confused. Thanks for your help.
Posted By: Tully (2003-06-04 13:23:19)

I was just checking on my hp and the buttons seem to work. If you switch them on here is what they should do (layout may vary by device.)

Across the bottom from left to right...

Select next unit
Select next city
(The button on or under the dpad) click on selected item
Next Turn
Show Minimap

Volume buttons on the side - scroll the map up and down

D-pad - scroll the map around

Record button - nothing
Notification button - nothing
Posted By: J (2003-06-04 17:02:16)

thanks for the button info.

what do you think of the the city scrolling coments I mentioned in the previous post?
Posted By: Tully (2003-06-04 18:19:36)

It is good if I have a chance I will go make that change.
Posted By: J (2003-06-04 18:23:02)

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