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Subject - 1.0 beta problems
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Posted By: Guy (2003-06-04 00:58:03)

First impression on the desktop version:

- the gray fog is always there (Pocket version is OK)
- mouse arrow acts strangly and desappears when moving a waypoint

Overall: nice job, Tully
Posted By: Guy (2003-06-04 03:04:13)

On the pocket pc:

after playing some minutes, I get an error message:

- TypeError: undefined is not a function on line 0 -

I tap OK and the game continues, but after a while I get the same error over and over again.
Posted By: Tully (2003-06-04 04:29:57)

The mouse arrow is supposed to disappear when you drag a waypoint (the mouse actually turns into the waypoint.)

What do you mean by the gray fog is always there? Are the "see areas" around your units not highlighted for some reason?

Send me a saved game where you are getting the script error over and over so I can run that down.

Thanks for the quick feedback Guy.
Posted By: Guy (2003-06-04 11:00:06)

There is the black fog which dissapears when a unit passes and this black fog stays away. There is the grey fog which dissapears when a unit passes and this fog comes back when the unit goes away. Same problem occured a few releases ago.

About the script error: loading the saved game doesn't reproduce the error, since then any new game neather...
Nice version 1.0 beta: bugs are fixed by talking about it!

Posted By: Tully (2003-06-04 11:36:03)

The grey fog represents the "See range" of units. You can only see enemy units that are near one of your units or cities. The black fog is undiscovered area. You don't know anything about the land until you discover it. The gray fog should always be there unless you go to the settings->general->more page and switch it off.

This reminds me that I need to make sure when you play multiplayer that everyone has that setting set the same way.
Posted By: Guy (2003-06-05 13:02:37)

Ohoh, Tully, big trouble in little China!
PC version: when I go to multiplayer and go to the game we are currently playing (lasthope) the game exits and I am back on my desktop.
On my iPAQ: I go into multiplayer and go to the game I would like to start (beta1) the screen and game locks up and I have to do a soft reset to get my iPAQ working again. What could cause this?
Posted By: Tully (2003-06-05 16:08:32)

Turn on trace mode and send me an mtrace.txt file. That will let me know what is going on. Also send me the multiplayer save game file.
Posted By: Tully (2003-06-08 16:09:04)

Guy have you had a chance to create an mtrace file and send me the saved game from your multiplayer game?
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