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Subject - Thoughts on a price increase
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Posted By: Tully (2003-03-05 06:57:14)

Would you have been willing to pay $19.99 for latest version of Pocket War?
Posted By: EvilOne (2003-03-05 09:11:53)

It does not matter to me. But do you see it going even higher than this in the near future?
Posted By: Tully (2003-03-05 10:10:46)

No, the origional plan was to have the price be $20 for the 1.0 release, with discounts along the way as a way of rewarding early adopters who had to deal with all the upgrade problems.

It is kind of surprising that Pocket PC games have such a low price point considering people pay $30-$40 for a new gameboy games which are usually much simpler titles.
Posted By: Eric B. (2003-03-05 10:27:28)

Being a programmer myself, I understand the hours put into an application. The hours that are required for even some of the smallest changes. With that said, for some reason the price points that the public seems to expect and are willing to pay for are extremely low for the ppc. I think that anything at or below $10 people will almost buy it and not really give much thought to it. Between $15-20 people seem to have a much higher increase in expectation of the software for the relatively small increase in price. Does that make since? I don't think they are proportional is what I am trying to say. Anything over $20 and I think that the public expects way to much.

I have registered products varying from $5 to $50-60. I think the other thing to keep in mind is that people will continue to compare PW vs other games like Argentum and Strategic Assult. One would be comparable in price (Argentum) and the other would be much lower. I realize that neither of these games are even in the same genre, but the general public I think will see the glitz in Argentum and think "Why aren't PW's graphics like Argentums if the price is the same?" or "Why is Strategic Assult so low in price with similar graphics.

In my mind, yes I think $20 would be a reasonable price for PW, especially once you have the multiplayer games fully built into the application. I think that the general public still feels that the machines are small so the price of the software should be also.

Sorry for such a long winded answer. :)

Posted By: ibod (2003-03-06 16:01:44)

Eric B. makes lots of good points.
If registrations are 'flooding in' at the moment then a price hike is going to cut down the number of takers surely?
You also need to keep a very close watch on the Usenet binary scene and make sure the program hasn't been cracked. You could lose a lot of revenue that way.
High teens is a reasonable price point. Consider a budget version without multiplayer, etc, if you want to diversify.

Posted By: Anonymous (2003-03-07 20:49:12)

I'm not an avid ppc gamer. In fact, I am fairly new to the whole ppc scene so maybe I have a different perspective. Actually, I probably have a perspective you are interested in since I am just some joe that recently bought a ppc.

Prices are a big concern for me when I buy software for the ppc, especially games since some apps are much needed and games are not. I am very willing to pay mid to high teens for ppc games. However, $20 starts to scare me off. I know it's not fair that other handheld systems like the GBA get to sell games for $30-$35 (they are never $40 unless someone is gouging customers, I am a manger of a retail gaming store) but it is a different market all together. The GBA was made for gamers/kids and not adults that mainly utilize their toy for applications. You have to keep in mind that people only buy the GBA for games nothing else so they expect to pay for games. Most PPC people that play games I have met, only play them as time killers until there next appointment or whatever. They just don't want to spend a lot of money for something like that. Not to mention that battery life is much better on something like the GBA. PPC batteries just do not give enough free time to play games if you are going to be away from recharging all day. Face it, the ppc market is not a gamers market. While I admire all of the hard work being put into the games being developed for the ppc market, it isn't going to draw the price points that handheld game systems are.

Another thing I have noticed is that a lot of companies seem to want to make a quick buck by porting over ancient PC games and charging $30. While I understand that they pay for licensing, it is giving ppc gaming a bad rap. Average people see the same game in a PC software store for $4.99 and just are not willing to pay $30 for the exact same game that has been optimized for the ppc.

As an average Joe, or John in my case, I can say that a $20 price point has chased me away from a few ppc games including the EQ series. I just can't justify spending a lot of money for PPC game when that is not the systems main purpose. I hope that things change in the future as we get faster PPC's with much needed graphic processing improvements. Maybe then PPC games will sell at that $30+ price point but I wouldn't expect them to right now.
Posted By: Anonymous (2003-03-08 05:52:40)

Thanks anonymous that is a great explination why. I was always thinking the other way. That they are will to spend X percent of the price of a GBA for games and it surpised me that they would not spend even a fraction of the cost of a Pocket PC for game.
Posted By: Guy (2003-03-08 10:16:12)

I like it, I play it, I pay it. Otherwise I don't.
Don't compare Pocketwar to Argentum or Strategic Assault. These game last until the last scenario. Compare with Simcity and Age of empires which, whit PW, I call classics...
That's what I think.
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