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Subject - New "variant" of game?
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Posted By: Eric B. (2003-03-07 06:47:43)

Currently there are two "variants" of PW, you have the last City "variant" and you have the 200 turn "variant". How about a new one that does not remove you from the game until you have no units that can takeover a city. This way if you lose all your cities, but still have a small unit of commandos or anything else that will allow you to take over a city, you can still attempt to get back into the game.

Any thoughts?

Posted By: Tully (2003-03-07 07:14:20)

The type of game is coded into the scripts, so it is really easy to add new end game types. There is a zip file attached to this comment that has a script.pak file in it. Copy that script.pak file over the script.pak file for beta 2 (in the pocketwar/scripts dir) and it will add that type of end game.
Posted By: Eric B. (2003-03-07 08:09:43)

Thanks for the new pak file. I had never looked at the pak file or never had the need to look at it. After looking at the playerIsOut function, won't this only stop the game then if a player has no units left? Is the p1Units variable just a string? Can this be parsed somehow to see if the player has at least one unit of type marine or comando? It doesn't make since to continue playing if the player can not capture any cities anymore.
Is this file just jscript?

Thanks again!
Posted By: Tully (2003-03-07 09:17:07)

Yes all of the mods are just jscript as well as much of the game logic and the ai.

Yes, it will only stop the game where there are no units left. You could walk the unit list and make sure you have at least one unit left with the ability to take a city.

I modified the script.pak file but what you can do is override any of the scripts in the pak file by putting a script in the mod directory and putting the commands into it to make it get loaded into the game.

Check out the script section in the online help on how to do that and take a look at some of the existing mods.
Posted By: Guy (2003-03-11 09:39:11)

I would like a unit that can build a city.
Posted By: Tully (2003-03-11 11:18:23)

It can be done though I dont have the bandwidth to do it. The script engine has enough calls to do it.

What you would do it make a unit that can build another unit called a "city." Then when the "city" is built and gets kicked out of the unit you would catch that callback in the scripting code and destroy the city unit and then modify the map to add a city.

This is theoretical but it should work.
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