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Subject - Defence in Depth
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Posted By: JohnFair (2003-07-07 21:38:17)

So I've taken all the cities on my map bar two and am building up a fleet of transports to get my unstoppable armies to the last two (about three blocks away at the closest.

Red Force has clearly had a chance to build up defence in depth, so I send over fighters and bombers to soften the defences. All too quickly they're blasted from the skies though, and a prowling Red submarine is taking pot shots at my increasingly rare naval assets (only one city on the coast :-() so up go a number of airfields and I build up a wing of bombers and a wing of fighters (5 in each, of course) and wait until I have enough transporters to make an invasion likely to succeed.

Those bombers are damned slow aren't they! And the fighters needed a little... persuasion, to go in the same direction.

Once over enemy territory, they hang around, giving RedFor the first attck.

What remained of the ten planes limped back home, leaving my transports to be ripped apart.

After another few rounds, tried it again with mixed airwings - at least this time they held together long enough to get the troops ashoure!!
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