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Subject - Need some help / comments on cannon and anti-aircraft
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Posted By: es (2003-07-14 21:35:47)

I'm nearing the end of a game using the hardest setting and the biggest map and I've conquered everything except one island - of which I own the perimeter. In the middle of the island are dozens of enemy cannons and anti-aircraft. I've built up huge arsenals of bombers/fighters/dominators and tanks which I used to attempt a little shock and awe of my own. These enemy cannons and anti-aircraft just wiped my forces out with very few of them getting killed.

So...I either need advice on what to do ...

or...a change needs to be made to be able to combat this lethal combination.

Posted By: Tully (2003-07-15 06:20:00)

Build engineers, have them build cannons until they are full, put them on transports, move the transports up and then drop the engineers off spaced out. As soon as the engineers hit the ground have them drop all their cannons. Target the cannons at the anti-air. Wipe out the anti-air then use bombers.

If you are using the missile truck mod you can do the same thing with missile trucks. Let them fill to the top with missiles, put them into transports, then drop them off on the edge of the island and have them fire all of their missiles.
Posted By: Anonymous (2003-07-15 19:08:45)

Speaking of problems, I can't get the missle trucks to fire missles ever. Are they anti air only? I haven't seen them fire on tanks, marines or aircraft.

Also, I have had the game freeze twice when the nuke has killed a city. Is that a bug that is known?
Posted By: Tully (2003-07-15 19:26:50)

I'll check out the nuke it is possible that it has issues.

To fire a missle from the missle truck you just kick the missle out and it takes off on its own. After a certain distance if it hasn't hit anything it crashes. If there are problems with the missle truck I can run those down as well.
Posted By: es (2003-07-25 23:28:47)

Tully's suggestion worked...but it was really a slow process. It would be great to have some other alternative in this situation - another weapon...

I was at a point in the game where it was pretty much a foregone conclusion that I would win...just a matter of having the patience to finish it off.

How hard would it be for the AI to be smart enough to know when to raise the white flag?

Posted By: Compusmurf (2003-07-30 20:26:52)

I found a trick to the cannon/AA "problem" and boy was it nasty....

I won, but my last final score was seriously ---- !!!

Build some battleships and move them around the coast (assuming the guns are there) then invade the city from the coast side! Lots of extra work, but hey, I won, right????
Posted By: Anonymous (2003-07-31 06:10:28)

I use battleships extensively...and in my case above, I already owned the coastal towns...I owned everything that the battleships could see/attack.

Using Tully's method of many cannons and many engineers worked, but also wiped my score down by many points (~1000? I think).

I still think having the AI give up once you've got it pinned like that would be great.

Posted By: Tully (2003-07-31 06:33:59)

I added a script command called surrender in 1.05 but ran out of time to modify the AIs to use it.
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