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Subject - Error when installed on PPC Storage Card
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Posted By: Anonymous (2003-07-22 10:52:01)

When installing onto HP IPAQ 5450, when Activesync asks to Install in Default Location, I press "No", and select "Storage Card", the game appears to install normally onto Storage Card.

I have over 24MB free program & Storage space. The Storage Card is a 256MB with ~150MB free space.

I launch Pocket War from Programs | Games | Pocket War

The Following Fatal Application Error appears:

Application mge.exe has performed illegal operation. . . .
Program: mge.exe
Exception: 0xC000001D
Address: 004ECD10

If I install in Default location, which is on the IPAQ's Main Memory, everything runs normally.

Other games such as Doom4CE, Pocket Quake and others all run very well from the same storage card.
Posted By: Tully (2003-07-22 11:13:03)

It should run fine from the storage card. Had you ever installed it to main memory before installing it to the card?
Posted By: Anonymous (2003-07-22 11:47:21)

The first place I installed it was the Storage Card. Then, once I received the error, I uninstalled it, and reinstalled it to the Main Memory, started the program and played the game for a couple of minutes. Then Uninstalled it again from the Main Memory, then reinstalled it back again to the Storage Card and the same error occured.

As we speak I'm just about to re-install back to the Main Memory.
Posted By: Tully (2003-07-22 11:56:42)

I'll check it out. Maybe something is broken in the installer. As soon as I know what is up I will let you know. Previous versions have worked fine but honestly I did not test the latest one. (This is what I get for being lazy.)
Posted By: Anonymous (2003-07-22 12:10:32)

LOL :)
Posted By: Tully (2003-07-26 07:24:29)

I just checked on my jornada and install to CF seems to work fine for me. If you have it installed on your CF card run it and then send me a copy of the mtrace.txt file in the / directory of your device. I'm curious as to what is different between your ipaq and my jornada. Also, make sure you have downloaded the absolute latest version from the metalshard website.
Posted By: Anonymous (2003-08-15 07:32:36)

Sorry About The Delay. I was on Vacation.

Alright, I removed Pocket War from the IPAQ Main Memory via ActiveSync. I also ensured that all remaining files/directories were deleted through File Explorer. I then Downloaded the latest version from the MetalShared website, although I think it was the same as before. (Ver 1.0.5) I then proceeded to install this version. When ActiveSync prompted "Do You Want To Install in Default Location?", I pressed "No". ActiveSync then prompts for a one of three locations, I selected "Storage Card".

The Storage Card that I'm using is a ScanDsik SD Card 256MB, and most of it is still free of space.

I made a number of attempts to start the game. Including the message given above I also saw " 'mge' is not a valid Pocket PC Appliaction "

I tried Soft Resets and adjusted Memory Allocation to see it that made any difference.

I am attaching the file requested.

Let me know how this goes.
Posted By: Tully (2003-08-15 07:49:42)

If you look at the trace file it still thinks the program is in main memory for some reason. Do you have a registry editor? If not I will try and write a quick program that will force the registry setting to change.

The strange thing is the install should change that entry (even if you don't uninstall it first)
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Attach File (zip and pwg files only)

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