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Subject - New game stealing your thunder...
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Posted By: Ahmo (2003-07-29 20:09:55)

I was just cruisin Handango and saw "Pocket War" on their new list. Checked it out and was surprised to see a card game... Maybe you should contact the maker. Their game makes it confusing to find yours.

Posted By: Tully (2003-07-29 20:22:09)

All of their products are named after some other real product and their company name (PocketSoft Innovations) is named after a real company (PocketSoft.) I think they are trying to ride the wave of other companies to get free ads. Kind of like websites that spell their names gooogle, etc.

Also their tech support number listed on handango is bogus. I'll contact handango and see what I can do.

Posted By: Ahmo (2003-07-30 18:38:58)

Companies like that scare the hell out of me, you never know what you are going to get. Pretty sad that they come up with a cheap program and use the credibility of legitimate developers to profit. I thought you'd lost your mind, Pocket War v1.6 attack your opponant with an ACE of Spades????

I hope they get smashed off of Handango. Pocket War is a TBS, not a card game. It would be terrible if people began to associate it with them.

I'd be at a loss if I found their game before yours, but I would probably have retained quite a few hours lost to Pocket War. This was exactly the type of game I was looking for, for my pocketpc, and I love that it is PC playable too.

Good job Tully
Posted By: ShadowWraith (2003-07-31 17:34:32)

Companies like that don't scare me, they piss me off. Have you read about the domain issues? Wall Street Journal and Air France had business stolen b/c people registered domains that were misspellings of the correct URL's. The courts ruled against those companies that were doing the misspellings on purpose.

And Pocket War version 0.suck has no eval version, no company website. I couldn't buy the product. They must have an eval version for me, even if eval is cheesy, and a decent website.
Posted By: Tully (2003-07-31 17:48:53)

I finally got an email through to them but all that would say is they sell vb and flash games. I asked if they had a website and they never replied. Oh well.
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