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Subject - It would be great if Maps could be customized
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Posted By: Holger (2003-07-30 10:53:38)

right now, pocketwar is imho nearly perfect.
the only thing i'm missing are customizable maps.

it would be great, if you had more options when creating a map.
things like sliders for i.e. land/see relation (island maps or contiinental maps), number of mountains, forests, number of citys, ...

Posted By: Ahmo (2003-07-30 18:40:18)

I'm still hoping for the campaign thing, but a custom map/mission editor would be great.

Hey Tully, any hope of seeing eithor of these things in the near future, or should I just send you another $20.

Posted By: Tully (2003-07-30 19:00:43)

I started working on campaigns and some of the code is already in 1.05. I also started working on the map editor. It turned out to be a bit worse than I thought it was going to be to build because of the way I did the maps.

I am working on a non-game, non-pocket pc application right now that if it goes well will buy me more time (as in bring in a steady income.) Once I get more time I am going to finish up a second game I have been working on. When it gets into the beta stage then I will go back and put the campaigns and map editor into pocket war.

Of course I never stick to my plans so I will probably find free time to do the campaigns and map editor sooner. :)

It is hard not to work on something that you have already spent so much time on. You want to see it keep getting better, but at the moment I am unemployed so solving financial problems comes first.
Posted By: Anonymous (2003-07-31 07:58:00)


Are you at liberty to tell us what the second game is that you've been working on?

Posted By: Tully (2003-07-31 09:32:00)

It is to far away for complete details.

I'll tell you a little though, it is another turn based strategy game but more for casual gamers. Faster paced, but less strategy than pocket war.
Posted By: Malcolm (2003-09-21 14:02:27)

I know you are busy Tulley, but any progress on the Map Editor ?
Posted By: Thomas (2003-09-21 14:53:33)

Yes progress is being made but because of the way the maps work it has turned out to be a harder task than I throught. Plus I am trying to add support for a story. I am hoping to have something done before Christmas.
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