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Subject - About stealth
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Posted By: Anonymous (2003-08-14 08:05:50)


May be I'm not right, but I think stealth must be stealth even after attack. I think stealth is something like 'death from nowhere'.

What do you think?

Posted By: Tully (2003-08-14 08:40:04)

After they attack you can see them for your next turn then they disappear again.

Also, if they go near cities or anything that can see stealth you can see them as long as they are in range.

Radar towers and fighter planes are the counter to stealth bombers.
Posted By: Anonymous (2003-08-14 09:47:46)

Yeah, I know it.
I want to offer to make stealth... err... more stealth. So nobody can see stealth bombers (except radars and, may be, planes) even after their attack.

What do you think about it?
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