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Subject - What would make multiplayer easier
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Posted By: Tully (2003-08-18 07:47:43)

What could be done to the website to make it easier to start and finish multiplayer games?
Posted By: Anonymous (2003-09-11 11:08:29)

The thing that would really help would be a list of games with the number of players and the status of the game(creating, game in progress, etc.) I really want to play online, but I'm not sure where to start.

This is a great game by the way. I just bought it yesterday and I have been playing it constantly.
Posted By: Borg (2003-09-11 12:49:00)

A section that would list games being played and by who, Games that player would like to start with a place for a little description of the new game they would like to start. Right know I have no idea if there are any game looking for players or players looking for games.
Posted By: Matt G. (2003-09-11 15:16:08)

Borg: do you want to play a game?
I just got the game yesterday so I'm still figuring it out.

That anonymous post above was me.

I have one question though. When starting a multiplayer game on the internet can you ally with another human and go against a hard computer?
Posted By: Borg (2003-09-11 15:30:17)

Matt G.
I would like to but there is a problum with we playing multiplayer games. The game will not register my move. Tully is working on it and when it is fixed I would like to play.
Posted By: Matt G. (2003-09-11 15:36:29)

Sounds great.

Let me know when the problem is solved and you want to play.
Posted By: Tully (2003-09-11 16:06:35)

Borg try starting a new game with matt and see if it has issues. All of my test games between Tully and Tully Test 2 are working. I haven't had a chance to run through all the files you sent me. The Austin Game Conference is eating up all my time at the moment so I probably won't get to look at it until Sat. (Gonna ruin my good problem resolution speed record.)
Posted By: Borg (2003-09-12 07:38:49)

Matt G.

I started a new game called teams passsword teams. Let me know how you want the teams set up.

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