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Subject - Casio Be300 Pocket Manager Running Expod
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Posted By: billyevil (2003-03-13 03:30:01)

The game runs perfectly on a Casio Be300 running Expod, but i have to run the game in minmode due to an error that says it can't find 6 megs of ram in normal mode. I'm sure it would run fine in normal mode if there was a way to bypass that. The only problem with minmode is that since it boots from the exe file of the program to give us the entire system resources, it also keeps me from easily gathering screenshots. I am working on a solution now. The be300 is a mips machine. Another small problem i've noticed is that it doesn't save the registration code in min mode for some reason, so a person would have to enter it every time and that is no good. Perhaps there is a way around this.


Download the installer from the site here to your desktop. Connect to your be300 through activesync. Next, double click on the installer and follow the simple wizard to install onto your be300. I suggest installing to the storage card (compact flash card)

After it installs goto the folder on your be300 named "MetalShard" and inside you want to delete the gx.dll that comes with the game.

Next, on your start menu goto "Shutdown" and in that select "Minimal Mode" from the drop down list, then tap the button labeled "Shutdown" A small file explorer will start and using that goto the "MetalShard" folder and find the exe file named "mge.exe"

Tap on that file to highlight it, then tap the "OK" button on the file explorer. Your be will restart and a small window will popup asking if you would like to continue. Tap "OK" and enjoy the game!

If you have any more questions please post here or come to for further support.
Posted By: Tully (2003-03-13 06:14:50)

Thanks Billy that is good to know. I dont think it would run ok in normal mode. The first thing Pocket War tries to do is allocate 6MB of memory. If it cant if gives that error messages. The real problem is the error message is off it should say can't find 6.5 or 7MB of memory which is how much it really needs.

I am working on trimming down the amount of ram it needs so maybe I can get it down to less than 6.5MB.
Posted By: Tully (2003-03-15 22:01:45)


Try the lastest beta. It should now run in under 6MB of ram so you should be able to get it to work in normal mode.
Posted By: billyevil (2003-03-24 04:47:40)

Thank you i tried beta 3 and got the same results. I'm hopeful for beta 4. I saw the ad banner on pocket gamer, very nice.

Posted By: billyevil (2003-04-03 11:11:29)

I feel i should respond here. Beta 4, which turns out is the released version runs perfectly and smoothly in expod normal mode. You don't have to use minmode or do any adjustments. Just remember to delete the gx.dll that the game installs. Anymore questions dealing with the be300 pocket manager running expod can be directed to our forum at
Posted By: Anonymous (2005-04-07 23:00:32)

i am having a big problem i am not really a computer dude. i cannot get my be300 to connect to my computer using activesync 3.8. its starts and says connecting but then stops and say no connection or partnerships. can anyone please help me with this i am trying to configure for a wcf12 wireless card and i need to connect to that program to complete the configuration.
please email me at
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