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Subject - Advice
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Posted By: Anonymous (2003-08-26 06:35:14)

Hi there

I'm after a turn based game for my Pocket PC. I want one with advanced features but also one i can quickly start to play without reading tons of instructions etc

I was a HUGE fan of Rebelstar Raiders on the Sinclair Spectrum which was also turn based.

I've seen a lot of this game and I'm going to download it later tonight. Is it simple to get into ?

I'll only be playing against the computer, thats possible isnt it ?

Cheers Paul
Posted By: Anonymous (2003-08-26 07:09:00)

Yes it is possible to only play against the computer. It isn't that tought to figure out once you understand waypoints. Unlike other turn based games your units are somewhat smart and will do their own thing based on setting you set on the unit.

If you want your units to do a specific thing then you need to click on them and drag a waypoint. If you drag it to a certain location the unit will try and go there, if you drag it onto an enemy unit it will try and track down and kill the enemy, etc.

You make all your plans for the turn (nothing moves) then you play out your turn by hitting the next turn button. Then your units carry out their orders as best they can (sometimes they cant do what you ask or get attacked along the way, etc.)

What this allows you to do create a larger strategy then try and coord troops and get them to carry it out. So in pocket war you are more of a general leading the troops as opposed to other games where you are all the troops themselves.

Hope all that makes sense.

Posted By: Joshua (2003-09-17 17:21:40)

I'm about to complete my first game against the AI and I'm completely comfortable with game play. This game takes about an hour to get the hang of if you don't read the directions. Advice, though, start with a small map! Mismanagement of your citys' production will lead to a logistical nightmare on larger maps later in the game. First time players are esopecially susceptible to this. A note on this subject. When you capture a city make sure that you select what you want it to produce and most importantly, specify what you want the city top do with the units it produces, i.e. send to a way point, transport, or just keep them in the city.
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