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Subject - Used to work in a iPAQ 1910 but now it doesn't
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Posted By: pgh1969pa (2003-09-02 17:52:39)

I installed Pocket War on a storage card in a HP 1910. The game worked a couple of days and then while playing, the game started to get real slow to response. I'm thinking its because I had a lot of units smacking down the enemy at the same time. Then the game hung. I minimized it and opened it again and it seemed responsive again. I when to save the game before it crashed again and I lost a military stroke of genius and the game hung on during the save process. Eventually, the game freed up and shortly afterwards, I receive an error "mge has performed an illegal operation.......". At this point, I scanned the storage card for errors and found none. I will re-install the game to see if this corrects the problem. Has this happened to anyone else?
Posted By: pgh1969pa (2003-09-02 18:22:54)

Uninstalling and reinstalling did not solve the problem...I'm open to suggestions
Posted By: Tully (2003-09-02 18:47:59)

Post your save game file here (or the autosave file) and I will load it up and find out what is going on.
Posted By: pgh1969pa (2003-09-02 19:42:34)

Thanks...I tried to open the autosave file on my Toshiba e755 and no dice. It's been trying to load it for the last hour or so. The autosave kicked in 7 turns before the great crash. This is killing me...I had just made a big break through. Before the game crashed I had finally broken out of a stalemate situation. I had at least 7 hours into this game. We the game crashed, I wanted to chew my own arm off, I wanted to roll around in the dirt, I wanted to scream!
Posted By: pgh1969pa (2003-09-02 19:44:32)

I got a warning message with the zip file I tried to upload. I'll try the file without compression.
Posted By: pgh1969pa (2003-09-02 19:47:14)

Permisson denied! I don't know what else to try. If the game crashed 7 turns after autosaving, the file should not be corrupt but apparently it is. Any other suggestions?
Posted By: Tully (2003-09-02 19:47:39)

What was the warning message, and if you cant get them to upload just email them to me
Posted By: pgh1969pa (2003-09-02 19:48:49)

I'll shut down the firewall and see if that helps!
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