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Subject - Map Size
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Posted By: Tully (2003-03-15 20:30:56)

I am thinking about making the maps smaller. If I reduce the size of the maps I can shrink the running game size from about 7MB to 5MB. This will also increase the speed of the pathing code on large maps (the worst case on the large map would not be as bad as it is now.)

Currently, the XLarge maps are 200x200 in size. I was thinking about reducing the size of them to 150x150 and shrinking all the other map accordingly.

There is another thought. I could leave the map sizes the way they are and not allow the pocket pc version to load or save XLarge maps, but the PC version would continue to work the way it does now.

What are everyones thoughts on this. Does anyone use the XLarge maps?
Posted By: es (2003-03-15 21:10:34)

I don't use the xl maps, so it would be fine by me to eliminate it.

Posted By: Eric B. (2003-03-16 06:21:11)

I like the second option. I don't use the XL maps either, but I think that since the desktop version can handle them, it would be nice to keep them in. That is unless the majority of PW players don't use them and then if that is the case just drop them.

Posted By: EvilOne (2003-03-16 18:14:23)

The XL map is the only one I use! So getting rid of it on the PDA, for me, is not a good thing to do.
Posted By: Anonymous (2003-03-17 04:13:29)

50% of my games are on the XL maps for the PDA. I would like to keep them.
Posted By: DomoFizz (2003-03-17 05:06:26)

A good deal of my games are played on the XL map. I like the longer games these maps usually provide. But, if there can be some speed improvements made I'm all for that, too. I'm willing to compromise.
Posted By: Dan H... (2003-03-17 05:21:53)

Can you check for available memory, and limit the map size accordingly? I, too, use the XL maps...
Dan H
Posted By: EvilOne (2003-03-17 05:39:54)

Does just having the option of the larger map sizes available to the users consume memory even if they do NOT select one of the larger map sizes? I guess this is what confuses me, if you don't use the larger map size(s) then why is there an issue leaving them with the game? I understand that on the PDA the AI may be a little slow here and there, but for me it is really not an issue, it gives me a little more time to think, but of course there are already times when I know what I wanna do and grow impatient! But the time it takes for the application to calculate the moves is really not that long!!
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