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Subject - Turret Builder
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Posted By: Matt G. (2003-09-11 23:23:37)

I made a mod with a Builder that you can move around the map. It creates Turrets that it then stores until you tell it to drop them. I will post it after I make a few graphical changes
Posted By: Matt G. (2003-09-12 00:12:49)

Here is the Turret. You must install the Builder before you can use the Turret.
Posted By: Matt G. (2003-09-12 00:13:32)

Here is the Builder. It builds the turret and allows you to place it.
Posted By: Matt G. (2003-09-12 00:14:40)

Here is a Drone I made. It can't attack. It only moves around the map and scouts everything out for you.
Posted By: Tully (2003-09-17 21:19:49)

Hey Matt,

I added your mods to the download section. I put Matt G. as the name. If you want to change them or change the name I put with them just let me know.
Posted By: Anonymous (2003-09-18 10:54:03)

What advantage do the turrets have over the conventional cannons that the engineering units produce in the current version?
Posted By: Matt G. (2003-09-18 11:34:46)

I was not aware of the cannons that the engineers are able to build when I made these. I bought the game and made them.
Posted By: Anonymous (2003-09-18 13:13:41)

on that note, how far can the turrets see and attack and what kind of damage do they do?
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