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Subject - Suggestions
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Posted By: Freelancer (2003-09-12 07:13:31)

Hi Tully.

First of all, "keep up the good work!"

Meanwhile, I would like to suggest a few enhancement for the game which you may implement in your next update.

1. Production effeciency of cities should be different (between 80% to 120%) set randomly at the beginning with a few cities having certain unit specialisation (150% efficiency). Starting player city should be at 100% efficeincy with nil specialisation.

2. Type of game should be expanded to Last Unit, Last City and Domination (80% of total cities conquered) - this is extremely helpful especially on L and XL maps.

3. Units' 3 levels of ranking should be named Green (Grn), Veteren (Vet) and Elite (Eli) so that its easier to distinguish them.

4. End of turn button should flash the color of the corresponding player/computers turn i.e. Blue when it is Blue player's turn and changed to Red when the Red player/computer is thinking/moving.

5. Save game slots should be limited with time/date stamp in the info area to avoid confusion and taking up space in the PPC. I believe 9 slots numbered 1 to 9 should be more than adequate.

6. Units should be a little bit more colorful (not garbage of course) instead of greyish as of current. Terrains look perfect. I will upload a nice unit soon to illustrate this area.

Thanks for the great game which somehow coz' me to spend more time on my Ipaq now than my PC.


Posted By: Matt G. (2003-09-12 12:34:47)

It would also be nice if you could add a new LAN multiplayer game that would run on a little downloadable game server or even just send the files back and forth between the devices. And make it possible to play the game between the other computers on the LAN without purchasing multiple accounts
Posted By: Anonymous (2003-09-17 16:22:20)

I don't know if I'm posting this in the right place, but I'd love to see a mod that allows the engineering units to have the capability to dredge canals.

and by the way, this is the first turn based strategy game I've ever played and I can't stop playing it. Great Job! The game play is deep.
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