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Subject - Engineer Canal Dredging Mod
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Posted By: Anonymous (2003-09-17 16:30:04)

How hard would it be to develop a mod that allows the Engineering units to dredge canals. This would allow land-locked cities access to the sea and thus they could export naval vessels. It would also allow one to dredge canals across extensive penisulas. This would bring up the possibility and need for a engineer bridge building mod. There would also have to be To make it fair it would be good to make the process slow i.e. several turns for a single square of dredging. What do you guys think?
Posted By: Achim (2003-09-17 16:42:20)

A lot of people have talked about making that mod, and it is theoretically possible but it is a pretty advanced mod to make and no one has tried yet.
Posted By: Joshua (2003-09-17 17:12:34)

What type of code (programing language) are we using to develop these mods?
Also, we have to address the problem of how land-locked cities will be able to change their manufacturing capabilities once they are connected to the sea. I'm assuming that this is determined at the beginning of the game.

Posted By: Tully (2003-09-17 18:21:23)

The mods are all in javascript plus or minus. Some javascript stuff isn't there and some extensions have been added. Run the unit maker then take a look at the files it generates.

Also there is a script ref guide in the help files.
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