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Subject - Version 1.5 and the map maker
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Posted By: Tully (2003-10-01 10:59:41)

Ok, I'm about half way done with the map maker. This is attempt two, I started off trying to build a seperate one and it got so harry that I trashed that idea and started over. Now I am converting pocket war itself over to be the map maker. It is really complicated because the save game file format is nasty (it has grown that way over time) and the map maker has to understand all the mods (including the ones that let you define new land types.) So it turns out I was moving over most the pocket war code anyway. The good news is since it is built on Pocket War it will run on both the PC and Pocket PC.

A story line will not make it into 1.5. That will be coming in 2.0. I am going to try and get 1.5 out by the end of Oct and 2.0 out by the end of Nov (just in time for Chirstmas.)

Right now the only other thing I have planned for 1.5 is a revisit of the high score code and some clean-up work for multiplayer.

I'll add other things to this tread will make it into 1.5.
Posted By: Tully (2003-10-01 11:02:40)

Should I fold in some of Chen's rebalance code? What does eveyone thing about that. There has also been some talk of changing all the units over to real modern day units (as opposed to hover tanks.) Does anyone care about that either?
Posted By: Malcolm (2003-10-01 11:53:56)

I realise that Chens code does a rebalance job, but what exactly are the changes?

Hovertanks are fun unit but have no place in actual warfare. It would be nice to have the choice of using then or not. As long as the AI does not use then unless you do.

In reality tanks have a very poor anti-aircraft capabilty and this is not reflected in the game.

Just my 2 pennethworth.
Posted By: Tully (2003-10-01 13:24:31)

You can unzip this and open it in excel. This chart has a listing of the new unit props. You can then compare that to the units chart in the help to see what he changed.
Posted By: Tully (2003-10-01 13:25:04)

Tanks do get a penalty for attacking planes now. With the chen mod they cant attack planes at all.
Posted By: EvilOne (2003-10-01 14:06:48)

I think that the Chen modifications should be rolled in.. It seems, at first glance, like it will make the game more realistic.
Posted By: Anonymous (2003-10-02 16:14:53)

please, if you start a big rebalancing, make it optional! let the players choose if they want to play with the old style units or with the new units.

Posted By: Tully (2003-10-02 17:04:57)

As a mod it is optional but if I move it into the game it will not be. Does anyone else have a vote against this?
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