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Subject - Totally off-topic
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Posted By: es (2003-10-05 15:35:35)

Somehow I ran my battery down to the point of a hard reset...not sure what happened...but now I'm restoring. Does PocketPC backup files somewhere on the PC (not talking pocketwar...I know where those are). I'm specifically looking for a database for a car mileage tracking program. Any ideas?

Posted By: Tully (2003-10-05 16:06:23)

If you download active sync 3.7 from microsoft (I think the news model pdas come with it) then you can set active sync to do a full backup of everything on the pda (basically make an image of it) and then have it keep that image up to date every time you sync the pda. 3.5 can't. Also, I have never had to restore a full backup from 3.7 (knock on wood) so I don't know how well the restore works. Everything always backs up well, the restore is always the test. :)

No ideas on the car mileage tracking program.
Posted By: DomoFizz (2003-10-06 07:11:57)

es - I've been using Twopeak's Personal Vehicle Manager for some time now and I'm really happy with it. There's a free trial download and is just under $20. Thanks to your note it reminded me to check for an update and they are now up to 2.0 (I have 1.0) and they have a desktop version as well (synchs w/ your PPC). Here's the link:
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