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Subject - 2003 problem
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Posted By: Anonymous (2003-10-11 15:47:22)

I just upgraded my iPaq 5450 to pocket mobile 2003. Eventhough my connections work fine - internet explorer and email - when I want to go into pocketwar multiplayer the program tells me I have no internet connection. Someone have got the same problem or have a solution?

Posted By: Guy (2003-10-11 15:49:04)

Oops, that was me.

Posted By: Tully (2003-10-11 16:16:20)

I use the internet explorer library to connect to the net. So usually if explorer is running fine then I shouldn't have a problem. That being said I don't have a 2003 device so I have not been able to personally test it under 2003.
Posted By: ShadowWraith (2003-10-14 23:40:19)

Ack, I haven't had time to play with multiplayer, but I have a 5450 that's runnin OS 2003 as well.....I'll let you know if you don't get it fixed before then!
Posted By: Tully (2003-10-24 21:25:45)

Guy have you had any more luck with multiplayer on 2003 or has anyone else tested it. I heard rumors that the internet libraries on 2003 are fried (which I use to connect to the game server.)
Posted By: Anonymous (2005-03-10 16:41:32)

This might help--I found two great places that can help you get your PDA connected to the Internet. If you want to do it manually it might take some time. If you are up for it Geekzone has a good tutorial that helps you configure and share the internet by using your Bluetooth enabled desktop or notebook with internet access as an internet gateway for your iPAQ Pocket PC with Windows Mobile 2003:

Otherwise you can get software that does it for you. This is what I have found to be the easiest way:

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