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Subject - Early version of the map maker
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Posted By: Tully (2003-10-11 18:44:51)

Here is an early version of the map maker. You can build maps and place cities on them. None of the scripting stuff is done and you can add units directly to the maps yet. You version of Pocket War doesn't understand map templates so I adjusted this mapmaker to just save the maps like saved games. So you can make a map, save it then load in in pocket war.

To get this program to run drop it into the c:\metalshard directory on your pc and run it from there.
Posted By: Tully (2003-10-11 18:45:32)

Here is the file.
Posted By: Malcolm (2003-10-14 12:31:08)

Hi Tully

Tried it out. Works, but is very unstable. Keeps crashing.
I tried saving every few minutes. That was ok until a crash and then was unable to restore the saved slot.

I will use a few slots next time.

Promising though!

Posted By: Malcolm (2003-10-14 12:32:17)

I should have said that I was using a PC (XL - Easy)
Posted By: Tully (2003-10-14 12:59:33)

yeah it has issues still that is why it isnt in the download section yet.
Posted By: Malcolm (2003-10-15 11:09:26)

Just to say that I successfully produced an XL map with a lot of sea, about a dozen red cities, a dozen blue and some neutrals and it is working OK.

Posted By: Ken Pierce (2003-10-21 19:24:49)

Ok Tully I have tried the mapmaker and I can only use Dirt and cities If I try any other terrain it crashes on both computer and laptop. I was able to create a map with all four players and some neturals cities. One thing I noticed was the AI did not seem to load they only produced marines. Going to try a bigger map.

Posted By: Tully (2003-10-21 20:06:01)

it makes sense that the AIs are not loading. You will be able to fix that in the next drop. It is going to let you set scripts on the things you drop on the map. And it will let you place units directly on the map. So you will be able to write custom scripts (or assign the default AI scripts) to which ever units / cities you want.

Go into pocket war and switch on full debugging. Then run the map maker. Get it to crash and send me the trace file. The map maker currently leachs off of the pocket war settings file.

I'm still swamped at my new job so the next drop is going to be delayed a bit, but I will get it out as soon as possible.
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