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Subject - Problem with the Message List
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Posted By: polstein (2003-10-31 16:03:35)

I just bought the game - so forgive me if this program I am having is Operator Error:

At the start of every turn, I click the "list box"'s just to the right of the mini map, 3rd button down in the set of 4 - just under the blue right arrow and blue double arrow. This brings up the message list of what has happened last turn (citied being captured, marines repelled, units at waypoints.. etc).

On this screen there are "V"'s to the left of the message.

Sometimes I can click on these "V" 's and a red box will appear around the
"V"'s and the main map will jump to the corresponding event.

Mostly though, it will not display the red box, and jump to something
different (I think the unit selected that was selected before I pulled up
the list).

Anyone else had this experience?

I saved the game, and reset my Jornada 568.. no change.

Posted By: Ken Pierce (2003-10-31 21:55:15)

Yes it happen to me too.
I vaguely remember this problem with the unit list.
I dont recall why it is happening.
for me it is the first item on the list and it is instead of jumping to the source of the message it pulls up the stat box for the last unit/city selected ... Even if that unit is an enemy unit ;-) hmmm now i can find out it the enemy units are vets (grin) Maybe we should be quiet about this bug ;-) Doh too late

Ken Pierce
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