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Subject - suggestions please
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Posted By: Anonymous (2003-11-26 02:03:32)

My current game is 5 days long (easy level, large map) has taken me much time to 'claim' all the islands around the red man (enemy) and now that i have him surrounded, he has two large islands and they are almost completely covered in red! i.e. hundreds of cannon/AA, missile trucks....any thoughts on how best to start the invasion?
Posted By: Tully (2003-11-26 07:42:45)

Battleships to clear the land near the edge, if you can get a foothold drop engineers loaded with cannons and the second they hit the land drop the cannons.

That was always my approach.
Posted By: Ken Pierce (2003-11-26 18:10:31)

a couple of carriers loaded with A-10s works nicely too ;-)

Posted By: Compusmurf (2003-12-11 20:17:58)

I'm glad someone likes my A-10's... I've gotten so use to playing with them, I couldn't live without them. Esp against all defender class opponents.

Wanna make it really, really tough? Set 3 players all defensive and try...

Your points will be so NEGATIVE, you'll cry!
Posted By: Ken Pierce (2003-12-12 18:59:38)

BTW Comp
I have made a new png of the a-10 that looks alittle more like them.
(I worked on them in the gulf war)
hope you dont mind my infringment of your mod ;-)
Here it is if you want to check it out.

Ken Pierce
Posted By: Compusmurf (2003-12-22 11:00:08)


Feel free to modify the MOD. Maybe you'll come up with better sounds too. And have Tully repost it as 1.4. Have him include your name as co-designer!
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