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Subject - Are land mines visible?
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Posted By: Lothar (2003-11-26 08:04:44)

If yes, mines lose the efficiency, and it's not good.
Posted By: Tully (2003-11-26 15:02:21)

They are only visible to units that have "Radar" (the ones that can see stealth basically)
Posted By: Ken Pierce (2003-11-26 18:14:38)

destroyers are good and wipeing out mine fields next to the coast. They also see steath. I always though there should be a special land attack like the sub attack. Then you would have to have special units that could clear the mine fields, just like you have special units to kill the subs.

Ken Pierce
Posted By: Lothar (2003-11-27 11:31:57)

By the way, subs can be killed by hovertanks. When sub attacks it becomes visible and you can put the waypoint from your hovertank to sub. So sub is doomed, because it cannot answer to hovertank.
Posted By: Ken Pierce (2003-11-27 15:17:34)

Hmm yeah I just had a fighter attack a sub. Hey Tully did you get rid of the underwater attack that was only assigned to destroyers, subs, sea mines, sea cannons and sea hunters? or is this a bug?

Also once a waypoint has been placed on the sub you then can assign that waypoint to other units and they will attack the sub even though the sub is invisible. hmmm i think this is a bug

Ken Pierce
Posted By: Tully (2003-11-28 00:29:51)

must be a bug, only things that have "attack underwater" should be able to attack them. Are either of you running the the mod that changes all your units?
Posted By: Ken Pierce (2003-11-28 08:01:52)

I was running no mods. I had rename my mod folder so it would not pick it up.
and there were no mod units availiable in the game.


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