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Subject - Why won't the units obey?
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Posted By: J (2003-12-04 21:28:48)

I tell unts not to attack (like the tanks), and tell them to go to nearest city, refuel, move them backward to a waypoint, etc. However, they do not lsten and continue to attack, and end getting killed. Tully, can you fix this please?
Posted By: Tully (2003-12-04 21:42:17)


Ken has the right answer below.
Posted By: Ken Pierce (2003-12-05 23:28:24)

Unless you tell a tank to defend it will still attack a unit. Now if you select go to nearest city or repair its self it heads to the nearest city but will attack any unit on the way. At least this is how it works for me. If you try to move a tank back and it is still in attack it will move toward the enemy in range. Also I have found if you leave the wander key on after the tank move back one square it will often wander back into the enemy's rank.

Ken Pierce
Posted By: J (2003-12-08 23:52:26)

There are many times when I wnat the tank to COMPLETELY stop attacking and run for its life. However, I see no easy command to do this. I need a command that will comletely stop the unit from attacking, and go to when I tell it. Can this be done? It really is important :)
Posted By: Tully (2003-12-08 23:59:13)

switch its action to defend and it will not attack anything. Plus units set to defend get a bonus on their defense when they are attacked.
Posted By: J (2003-12-10 19:56:38)

perfect. Thanks
Posted By: J (2003-12-24 13:45:00)

MAN i GUESS i AM still having this problem. one thing I hate is when a marines get close to a city to capture, then they waste a turn and attack a unit, then get killed on the next turn. I wish the settings I put them on made the unit exclusively do what I want them to do.
Posted By: Ken Pierce (2003-12-24 14:00:12)

There is; if you have marine on Attack City which is the default for them they will always attack the city before a unit if it is in range and in fact they will ignore all units unless they are in their path. If they are in just Attack then they will always attack a unit and will only attack a city if it is where the marines waypoint is on.

The attack city command looks like the city burning, it is just right of the Attack command(explosion)

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