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Subject - Multiplayer, How?
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Posted By: sdl3 (2003-12-23 06:21:26)

I know this going to make me yell DOH!, but I can't seem to get the multiplayer part of pocketwar working. I'm running v1.081 and I've set up a multiplayer game in the web page. I then went into the game and selected multiplayer but I don't see a way to connect the game with the multiplayer battle I've configured on the web page. (I get the error that I have not created any battles) What else do I need to do?
Posted By: Tully (2003-12-23 07:53:51)

Have at least two people been added to the multiplayer group on the website?
Posted By: Ken Pierce (2003-12-23 19:08:12)

If you need a second person Im willing to give it a try. I have never used the mutiplayer so Ill be learning too.

Posted By: Ken Pierce (2003-12-23 21:22:30)

Hey tully
I had created a group and i am the owner but i dont see any new game button?
it is the globemasterIII group.
is this in the multiplayer button in the game?
which is greyed out on my laptop
Posted By: sdl3 (2003-12-24 07:58:32)

Ken, lets give it a shot. I'm creating a group called "newbiesrus".
Password is "yup". Remove the quotes.

Thanks for the help Tully.

Posted By: Tully (2003-12-24 09:27:10)

Did y'all get everything working ok?
Posted By: Ken Pierce (2003-12-24 12:51:32)

I had to go bed early yesterday
but I have joined the group today

I noticed that if I try to add a group message to the forum it does not post.

steve let me know when a good time to try it . Im off for the next week.

Posted By: Anonymous (2003-12-29 06:10:21)

I see the game now so I think that did it. Ken, we'll have to pick it up when you get back. Drop me an email when you're ready to try it.
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