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Subject - How does Multiplayer work?
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Posted By: Eric B. (2003-03-24 08:01:01)

How does the Multiplayer work? Do all the players have to be "ready" to play and online at the same time? Do the players play their turn then the file is uploaded to the server after each turn? How can you start new groups and place them so that other members of the boards can see that the groups are open and looking for new players?

Posted By: Tully (2003-03-24 08:57:44)

I haven't updated the docs yet sorry.

Thoughts behind multiplayer:

Pocket War is more like chess than like an RTS so the multiplayer game is not done in real time. It is very close to play by email except you dont have to go through all of the pain of emailing files back and forth.

Here is a quick summary:

* Go into your account and click multiplayer
* Create a group (give it any group name and password you want)
* Other players must then join the group by clicking join and entering the group name and password

* The person that created the group can go into pocket war and click on multiplayer
* They will see a list of all the groups they belong to
* If the group is waiting to start a new game then the start game will be inabled, if the group has started a game then the load game will be enabled
* If you are part of a group with only one person in it (you) then that group will not show up in this list
* The owner of the group can now start the game and make the map when they do on the map creation screen they will see the other players that will be part of this game

* After the map is created the player can take his/her turn. When the turn is done a screen will show up that tells you who the game is now waiting on

* At the same time the other players in the group can go to the multiplayer screen and click on load game
* They will be told to wait for their turn
* When their turn comes they will be taken to the map and be able to make adjustments, see messages, etc.
* When their turn is done they will see the waiting for next player screen
* and so the game goes until someone wins

* You do not have to be online to play the multiplayer game. Each player can take their turn then shut down the game
* The person that created the group can start the game at any time. Once the game is started no more players can be added though so make sure everyone that wants to join the group has.
* You can go to the group screen and see how the game is going at any time. It will also show you whose turn it is. This is because the server keeps track of the game file itself. This also means you can change machines between turns and as long as the game has an unlock code from your account you will be able to continue playing the game.
* At any time you can start pocket war, go to the multiplayer screen and load a game. If it is your turn you can play right away otherwise it will tell you who it is waiting for.
* You can only have one game going per group of players at any time
* You can have as many groups as you want (meaing you can be playing multiple multiplayer games at once)

Things that are still needed:

* I am going to add an option that you can switch on that will email you when it is your turn (off by default)
* I want to add timed turns. You will be able to limit the amount of time someone has to X minutes, hours or days.
* I also want to add a section to the website to help people get groups together. For now you will have to use the forums and email each other to pass along the group name and password.

Hope all of this helps.
Posted By: Tully (2003-03-24 10:12:58)

I found a bug in multiplayer. When you start a new multiplayer game and then take your turn it will possibly crash. If you restart it and load the game you created from the multiplayer menu everything will run fine from there on out.
Posted By: Eric B. (2003-03-24 10:54:09)

Thanks Tully!

Posted By: es (2003-03-24 12:28:05)

I just created a group called: multiplayer#1
Password is: metalshard

Let's give this a go and see if we can break it! I'll start the game once 2 or 3 others have joined.

Posted By: Eric B. (2003-03-24 12:36:28)

That group and password are not working. I am in as soon as I can get joined to the group.

Posted By: Tully (2003-03-24 12:38:00)

I would like to join you but my version number and mods won't match. :( I have already moved on and am working on new things.

If you find any issues let me know. I will warn you it is going to crash after the first person take their turn, but it should not break anything.
Posted By: Tully (2003-03-24 12:39:35)

according to the database the group name is multigame#1 not multiplayer#1
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