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Subject - Mutiplayer
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Posted By: Ken Pierce (2004-02-22 15:21:12)

Hey I know no one is around much here anymore. But it anyone wants to play a multiplayer game let me know. Playing against a live opponent makes it a whole new game. so if you got a game and need a player or if you want to join one of my game let me know.

Ken Pierce
Posted By: Tully (2004-02-22 16:14:22)

You know its strange the forums have been quiet lately. Sales are up and more people are playing than ever, but no one posts to the forums anymore. Go figure. There is a new review of the existing pocket war in the works and when the new version comes out maybe that will kick-start the forums again.
Posted By: Ken Pierce (2004-02-22 17:45:47)

I hope so.
Just to let you know I got done with my first multiplayer game.
We played a xlarge map so it took a long time.
but wow what a challenge
You have to change your strategies around to fight against a thinking opponent. I found I could not wait till I got home to check and see if it was my turn. Now that I have had a taste of It I think that Idea you had of a massive multiplayer web based game would be awesome. And I know I would be your first subscriber. ;-)

Ken Pierce
Posted By: Tully (2004-02-23 07:28:22)

just out of curiosity, who won?
Posted By: Borg (2004-02-23 08:13:31)

I would be interested in getting into a game. It has been a while sinced I played.
Posted By: Ken Pierce (2004-02-23 11:52:30)

I did. I was Red, took a little getting used to the differnt color. Here is a url to a screenshot of the summery ;-)
I was alittle curious on how the scoring works.

Oh and Borg I would love to play again do you have a game started or to you want me to start one and get you the password.

Ken Pierce
Posted By: Borg (2004-02-23 12:12:52)

Please start one and send me the password. By the way do you play with any of the add on units that you can download?
Posted By: Ken Pierce (2004-02-23 12:25:44)

You can but you have to keep the same ones on both computers.
It would be easier to start with the stock units.
I am already in the middle of one with stock units.
but if you really want to use mods let me know which ones and I can set up two pocketwar dir one with the mods you want to use, then I will just rename the dir when I play my other multiplayer game.
I would prefer to send you the password in an email so we dont have unwanted guests joining. You can send me an email at
OFC_Krayzie then Ill send you the password. that way you dont have to post your email ;-)

Ken Pierce
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