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Subject - Game Bug
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Posted By: Borg (2004-02-24 09:13:35)

Tully, Game Bug is not listing games that are waiting for me. I change computers and using XP Pro. operating system. Any ideas?

Posted By: Tully (2004-02-24 09:28:02)

Have you installed the pc version of pocket war on that computer? You have to have Pocket War installed and a reg code typed in. That sets the code in gamebug as well so it knows whose games to listen for.
Posted By: Borg (2004-02-24 09:37:17)

I have the PC version installed but I did not enter the reg. code.
Posted By: Tully (2004-02-24 10:32:54)

Yeah, without the regcode it won't know who you are. BTW thats why you need two seperate accounts to play multiplayer even though you can generate multiple codes per account. You ID is embedded in the generated codes and both gamebug and pocket war use that to figure out who you are and what game you are playing.

This is also why I have to be careful to only wipe out unused reg codes in peoples accounts. If an in use code gets wiped out multiplayer cant figure out who you are, and even worse you cant generate a new code because the game thinks you are still licensed so it wont give you the oppertunity to enter a new one.

If your running low on regcodes just let me know Borg and I can take care of that for you.
Posted By: Anonymous (2004-02-24 13:30:56)

It is working now thank you. By the way could you delete some multiplayer games that I am in and are not active?

Posted By: Tully (2004-02-24 13:33:03)

do you have the list?
Posted By: Borg (2004-02-24 13:33:28)

Tully, that last anonymous was Borg, I was not loged in.
Posted By: Borg (2004-02-24 13:34:13)


These are the games
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