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Subject - advantage bug in multiplayer
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Posted By: Ken Pierce (2004-02-29 18:56:04)

Hey Tully I found a way to cheat a little in multiplayer.
This only works when you are getting more then one turn before it switches players.
for example
on your first turn you are about to take a city.
you click next turn but are unsuccesful.
then on the next turn you go up and exit game.
then you reconnect to game and you get your turn back.
you then can try again till you get it on the first try.

You can also do this to find cities faster.
you expore in one dir for 4 turns.
then exit game restart then go in another dir, till you find a city ;-)

I know this is not a big deal because you can not do this when you are fighting your opponent, due to the fact you only get 1 turn. But I thought you like to know.
Im not sure if the fix would be worth the losing the ablity to take multiable turns in the beginning

Pages: [1] Messages 1 - 1 of 1


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